Business Pledge

Gaming Companies Leading the Fight Against COVID-19

Our company promises to promote healthy behaviors by modeling responsible behavior within our company and encouraging it around our communities. We realize this includes:

Postponing or cancelling all live events until experts determine it’s safe to return to normal

  • Requiring all employees work from home if their jobs are not physically dependent on a presence in the office

  • Not allowing any non-essential work travel from employees

  • Shifting all meetings to online-first

  • Giving employees who can't work from home a safe work environment, including at least six feet of personal space during the work day

  • Being understanding with employees who need to take care of children, ill family or community members during the work day

  • Allowing workers time to decompress and showing concern for the mental health of the workforce and community

  • Providing adequate education and training to all employees on coronavirus prevention and best practices, including social distancing and proper hygiene

  • Giving all workers who contract COVID-19 paid time off to recover

  • Routinely cleaning all work spaces and frequently touched surfaces with approved cleaning agents, fully following the directions on the label

  • Communicating the importance of social distancing with our fans over social media, email communications, website updates and any other tool at our disposal

  • Following all guidelines by health officials such as those from the WHO.

We believe that gaming is a powerful force for the common good and are proud to lead the charge in helping create normalcy for millions of people who choose to remain home. By being responsible with our communities and our employees, we promise to take charge against COVID-19!

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