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Pledge Now

The Pledge

I promise to keep myself and my community safe, to help fight COVID-19 however I can for as long as it takes. I know this means:

  • Social distancing, staying home as much as I possibly can, even when I feel healthy

  • Washing my hands often, coughing into my sleeve and not touching my face with unwashed hands

  • No hugging, shaking hands or fist bumping

  • Calling a doctor or my local health department if I have come into contact with or feel symptoms of COVID-19

  • Keeping calm and being informed with our resources and FAQ pages!

  • Sharing this pledge and guide with all my friends, raiding partners, guildmates and community. Social distancing works when we do it together!

In addition, I'll show my love for my community by:

  • Performing at least one act of kindness per day (from a safe distance)

  • Bringing a positive attitude into my online matchmaking

  • Providing emotional support to everybody I meet, and ask for support when I feel overwhelmed

I know that there's lots of online gaming out there, and I'm not missing anything by staying in! I want to keep my neighbors, family and community safe, and I pledge to do my part by staying home, keeping calm and raising awareness for others.

Most of all, I know that I am not alone. Even though we are physically apart, I know that we are together in this fight!

We as Gaming community donating free robux to newbie & kids to play roblox @ home and stay safe from COVID19.

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